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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Parklive - Blur (2012) Free album download.

LxgiV 150x150 On the occasion of the Olympic Games in London, Blur has released the live album, they played in Hyde Park.

The recent performance of Blur at Hyde Park in London on the occasion of the closing of the Olympic Games is edited through a box Parlophone label limited edition CD / DVD with five disks (4CD + DVD), Double CD and DVD. All formats will be released on December 4. The title Parklive, a nod to where the show was held, and the album more representative group of Damon Albarn, Parklife.

The limited deluxe edition contains the complete concert with bonus material, with a DVD of the film with 12 cameras by Mathew Amos.

Blur has partnered with Abbey Road Live Here Now to give fans the best quality live audio. The concert in Hyde Park, along with part of the closing ceremony of the celebrations for the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available on DVD, double CD and digital format.

The British media have published the concert: “A significant and momentous occasion. Blur attacked all these songs as if they had been made last week” (NME) “Park Life at its brightest” (Evening Standard); “blur are suitable to be an emblem as any of British culture. contradictory, creative and able to truly transcendent moments “(the Times).


You can download it here:

As of December 4.

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